Posted by: vmbhonde | जुलै 10, 2011

political joke

Recently Sonia Gandhi went to a school to interact with the children there.
After a brief talk she asked if anyone had any questions. One boy raised his hand.
Sonia: “What’s your name”?
Boy : “RAHIM”
Sonia: “What are your questions”?
Rahim: “I’ve 3 questions…
1.Why did you attack & kidnap Baba Ramdev without approval of Court?
2.Why there is no punishment to KASAB as yet?
3.Why does Manmohan singh & the Congress party not support Baba against
Sonia: “You are an intelligent student Rahim.”
Just then the recess bell rang.
Sonia: “Oh students, we wil continue after the recess is over”.
After the recess….
Sonia: “Ok children where were we? So, anybody wants to ask a question”?
RAM raises his hand.
Sonia: “What’s your name”?
Ram: “I’m Ram and I’ve 5 questions…
1. Why did you attack Baba without approval of the court?
2. Why no punishment to Kasab as yet?
3. Why does Manmohan Singh not support the fight against corruption?
4. Why did the recess bell ring 20 mins before the time?
5. Where is Rahim ?;)


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