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Cure Hangover

After a booze party at night, next day morning you are at the worst state of your health. Your head is throbbing, your limbs are weak, you feel like vomiting and needless to say you feel sick. One word for all the problems is hangover. Your body protects your body with enzymes to metabolize and remove toxins. At a time when the toxin levels exceed the limit of your body to digest, you suffer hangover.

Here are some home remedies to cure hangover –

1.Alcohol leaves you dehydrated and thus it’s important to drink a lot of water. Water also helps in lessening the amount of alcohol in your body.

2.Drink a tall glass of fruit juice. A shot of Vitamin C breaks down the alcohol content in the body.

3.Include Vitamin B rich food in your breakfast. Food like fish, avocado, potato etc. This helps cure faster.

4.Soak two banana peels in water and boil it. Remover the pills and drink the water. This is one of the quickest way to reduce hangover.

5.It is very important to drain out toxins from the body. Hot bath in the morning, helps in doing the same.

6.Eat starchy food like rice, bread, pasta etc. Starchy food absorbes the alcohol in the body.

7.Squeeze a whole lime in a glass of water and drink it without sugar.

8.Take a spoon full of honey. Honey has fructose which breaks down alcohol levels.

After all these home remedies, go off to sleep. Nothing is better than a sound sleep to cure hangover.

NOW… ENJOY YOUR DRINKS when you drink.

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