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Teacher’s importance

A mighty emperor was asked, ‘You are a powerful Emperor with so much of wealth, a vast kingdom and a mighty army. Your teacher is poor and does not own even a piece of land. But still when you meet him, why do you bow down and touch his dusty feet? Why do you sit below him and listen so earnestly? Why don’t you summon him to the court?’
The Emperor smiled and said, ‘What a fool you are! My teacher is one of the richest man. The land that you talk about can be gained or lost in a war. The might of an emperor lasts only as long as he is young and healthy. The money he has can be spent, looted or destroyed. In no way is an emperor a great man. Look at the teacher. He has knowledge and, every year, he gives it to his students. The more he gives, the more he prospers. No one can take it away by force or violence. He flourishes every year with more and more knowledge. Is he not a great man? All his students are like his own children and when children prosper, is not the father a wealthy man?’

…………From Wise and Otherwise by Sudha Murty



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