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A SUFI MYSTIC used to say every day in his prayers,

“Thank you, God, for all that you go on doing for me. How can I repay? I feel so grateful!”
Once it happened that he was traveling, And, for three days they were refused shelter because they were thought to be heretics; they were thought to be anti-religious, rebellious. They were not given food, not even water, and no shelter. For three days, hungry, thirsty…
And the third day when he was praying, again he was saying to God, “Thank you! How I can repay you? I feel so grateful! ”
Now it was too much. His disciples said, “It is time to say something!” They said, “Wait — just a moment! For what you are thanking? For three days we have been hungry, thirsty, no shelter  in the desert, at the mercy of wild animals. For what you are being thankful?”
And the Sufi laughed and he said, “You don’t understand… This is what I must have needed for these three days! God always gives to me whatsoever i need . This must have been my need, otherwise he would not have given it to me. I am thankful for it. He always takes care. He does not bother what I desire; He always gives what he feels right. I am thanking him… three days fasting, three days no shelter, three days the open sky with stars in the desert, sleeping in the desert, and no wild animal has attacked us. And why you are looking so sad? It must have been our real need!”

When you have some thing, enjoy it,

when You don’t have it enjoy not having it,
 that too have its own beauty,
if you have palace to live enjoy,
 if you don’t have then enjoy hut and the hut become a palace,
 it is enjoyment that makes the difference.

“Manoj Jethwa” <       15-3-2011


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