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Gundu parasi is a small village in Orissa state. There was no public water source for the village from a long time. The villagers had to walk for miles for water and carry it to their place. Now there is a big tank in that village, which gets filled by rains and it holds ample water. It supplies water to the villagers throughout the year. 

The creator of this big tank is Duralava Naik. He is a poor labourer. It is with the effort of this single man this tank is constructed. Perceiving the necessity of a tank for the village, he shared this thought with the villagers. Nobody seemed to heed him. No one cared him. 

Finally with self confidence and determination he carried tools like spade, pick axe and started the work himself. Everyday morning he went to the site and till evening he used to dig the land. This routine continued without interruption for a long period of twenty five years. Once the tank was ready he donated it to the usage of the public. He never expected any returns for his effort. He had the satisfaction of achieving a great task. 

Even today Durlava Naik lives in a hut situated near the tank bund now. His poverty has not gone. But the all the villagers look at him with lot of respect. 

Do you know one surprising fact? Durlava Naik is born blind!! 

******(Ref: News published in Prajavaani (Kannada daily) on 28th June 1998.

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