Posted by: vmbhonde | जून 15, 2011

Ants taught

Very interesting observations about ants. Just see for yourself:

The ants work as a team: Lets form teams in each job / aspect that we do.

The ants trust one another: I Trust you : you Trust me.

The ants are open: Lets share the idea with like-minded people.  When ants discovered food, they informed others, who came along and helped.

The ants are partners and of different sizes: Lets help and make the task our project, not mine. See that as much as possible, each team member will get assignment based on his capability.

The ants are diligent and focused: The team must keep working, even slowly. Deadlines will give us focus.

The ants regrouped: Lets be open to try new ideas if present ones are not working.

And most important…..ants do not have EGO.

Vivekananda Kendra Vadodara <  12-10-2011


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