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Sir: What is the difference between Orange and Apple?

Sardarji:  Color of Orange is orange, but color of Apple is not APPLE

Sardarji bought a new mobile. He sent a message to everyone from his Phone Book which said: ‘My Mobile No. has changed. Earlier it was Nokia 3310. Now it is 6610’
Sardarji: I am Proud, coz my son is in Medical College.  Friend: Really, what is he studying?
Sardarji: No, he is not studying, they are studying him.
Sardarji: Doctor, in my dreams, I play football every night.
Doctor: Take this tablet, you will be ok.
Sardarji: Can I take it tomorrow. Tonight is final game.
Sardarji: If I die, will you remarry?
Wife: No! I’ll stay with my sister. But if I die will you remarry?
Sardarji: No, I’ll also stay with your sister.
Sardarji complained to the police: ‘Sir, all items are missing, except the TV in my house.’
Police: ‘How come the thief did not take the TV?’
Sardarji: ‘I was watching TV news…’
Sardarji comes back to his car & finds a note saying ‘Parking Fine’
He writes back a note and sticks it to a pole ‘Thanks for the compliment.’
How do you recognise Sardarji in School?
He is the one who erases the notes from the book when the teacher erases the
Sardarji in a bar and his cellular phone rings.
He picks it up and says ‘Hello, how did you know I was here?’
Sardarji: Why are all these people running?
Man: This is a race, the winner will get the cup
Sardarji: If only the winner will get the cup, why are others running?
Teacher: ‘I killed a person’.  Convert this sentence into future tense.
Sardarji: The future tense is ‘you will go to jail’
Sardarji told his servant: ‘Go and water the plants!’
Servant: ‘It’s already raining.’
Sardarji: ‘So what? Take an umbrella and go.’
Sardarji: What’s the balance on my mobile bill?
Call centre girl: Sir, just dial 123 from your mobile to know your current bill status
Sardarji: Stupid, not CURRENT BILL my MOBILE BILL.  
Sardarji: I think that girl is deaf..
Friend: How do you know?
Sardarji: I told I Love her, but she said her Sandals are new  
Friend: I got a brand new Ford IKON for my wife!
Sardarji: Wow!!! That’s an unbelievable exchange offer!!!  
Teacher: Which is the oldest animal in the world?
Sardarji: Zebra
Teacher: How come?
Sardarji: Bcoz it is Black & White  
Judge: don’t you have any shame? It is the 3rd time you are in court.
Sardarji to judge: You come to court daily. Don’t you have any shame?
Sardarji attending an interview at a Software Company.
Manager: Do you know MS Office?
Sardarji: If you give me the address I will go there sir.
Sardarji in an airplane going to Bombay..
While its landing he shouts: “Bombay … Bombay ”
Air hostess said: “B silent..”
Sardarji: “Ok… Ombay. Ombay”
Teacher: “What is common between JESUS, KRISHNA, RAM, GANDHI and BUDHA?”
Sardarji: “All are born on government holidays…!!!  
Sardarji: Miss, you called my mobile?
Teacher: Me? No, why?
Sardarji: Yesterday I saw in my mobile – 1 Miss Call”.


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