Posted by: vmbhonde | एप्रिल 22, 2010

Ram and squirrel

I am reminded of an old song from picture Naya Daur that extol the virtue of  working together.  `Sathi haath badhana, sathi rey,’ highlighting cooperation and amity essential for doing an efficient work. Let me once again narrate an incident or a story in Ramayan to show how your contribution however insignificant can draw in the  Master’s love.

     Ram was trying to cross ocean to reach Lanka to rescue Sita by fighting Ravan. The monkeys in the Vanara Sena got busy carrying huge stones to build a bridge to Lanka. A squirrel was watching all this. She did not think about her size and did not wonder whether she could do anything, or not she started doing whatever she could. All she could carry were small pieces of stones. She did this with all her might. Ram was moved to see the tiny squirrel scurrying to and fro trying her best. He lifted the squirrel in his hands and very lovingly and gently stroked her. The squirrel did not have any lines on her body till then. The three lines that you now see on the back of squirrel are the loving marks left by Ram!


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