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Power foods that heal


Ten power foods that heal

   1. Garlic
      Since time immemorial garlic has been used to stave off evil spirits,
      build stamina, enhance immunity, and ward off infections. During the
      ancient Olympic games in Greece athletes were said to swallow garlic
      as a stimulant. Garlic is a part of the lily family along with onions
      and chives. Undisturbed, the garlic bulb has limited medicinal
      properties. Chopping and crushing garlic releases the miraculous
      properties for which we tout garlic.
      The healing touch
            Reduces high levels of blood sugar.
            Prevents heart disease and stroke
            Reduces the risk of stomach and colon cancers
            Lowers cholesterol
            Helps boost immunity
            Relieves asthma
   Including garlic in the diet may play a role in preventing and treating
   2. Papaya
      Though we grow a papaya tree, the plant is actually an overgrown
      herb, known as an herbaceous perennial. Christopher Columbus termed
      it as “fruit of angels”.
      The healing touch
            Aids in digestion
            Prevents heart disease
            Checks cancer
      Eating raw papaya after a meal makes it easier for the body to digest
      proteins, which helps to ease an upset stomach. It plays a role in
      preventing ulcers as well. 
   3. Tea
      The humble cup of tea is whipping up a storm these days, and all
      because of the health benefits that ensues with the cuppa. The
      compounds of tea help neutralize harmful oxygen molecules in the body
      known as free radicals.
      The healing touch
            Controls cholesterol
            Prevents stroke and heart disease
            Reduces tooth decay
            Prevents intestinal cancer 
   4. Berries
      What makes berries so special is a compound called ellagic acid,
      which is helpful in preventing cellular changes that can lead to
      The healing touch
            Prevents cataracts
            Protects against cancer
            Prevents constipation
            Reduces the risk of infection 
   5. Apple
      Apples are a good source of dietary fiber, which may reduce the risk
      of heart disease and some types of cancer. They are a good source of
      antioxidants. The apple is actually a member of the rose family and
      has a moderately sweet and refreshing flavour.
      The healing touch
            Weight loss
            Diabetes management
            Helps in managing asthma
            Lowers cholesterol
            Prevents cancer of lung, breast and liver 
   6. Salmon
      Salmon is the preferred partner of omega-3 fatty acids.
      The healing touch
            Lowers blood cholesterol
            Decreases risk of heart disease and cancer
            Controls inflammatory conditions like arthritis
            Enhances memory 
   7. Cabbage
      Sturdy, abundant and inexpensive, cabbage has been a longstanding
      dietary staple throughout the world.
      The healing touch
            Prevents anaemia
            Treats stomach inflammation and ulcers
            Protects against stress 
   8. Carrot
      Carrot in ancient times was much valued for its medicinal properties.
      The healing touch
            Carrot really helps your eyesight.. This is due to the
            beta-carotene, which gives carrot the orange color and also the
            Reduces your risk of blood sugar and heart attack by enlisting
            carrots into your diet.
            Quit smoking by making carrots, part of your healthy way of
   9. Bananas
      Bananas–the world’s most popular fruit, packed in a biodegradable
      wrapper, possibly originated in Malaysia.
      The healing touch
            Bananas should replace antacids in your medicine cabinet.
            If you already have high blood pressure, include bananas in
            your meal plan as they are enriched with potassium葉he un-salt
            of the nature.
            Bananas have all the eight amino acids that our body cannot
            manufacture on its own.

   10.      Pears
      The flesh of pears was once referred to as the “gift of the gods”. It
      has a good healing capacity.
      The healing touch
            We don’t usually think of pears as being “bone food”, but they
            contain the mineral, ‘boron’, that plays an important role in
            keeping bones strong.
            What’s good for the bones is also good for the brain. Pears
            help to improve memory.
            It contains a type of dietary fiber that is very effective for
            lowering cholesterol. 
You are what you eat. Add the healing foods to your diet plan and take
better control of your health..


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